Alvie’s 17th Annual Pig Roast 8.26.23

“The true highlight was being invited to play in front of such good people. I hope we continue to attract that vibe for years to come.”

On the same night Derek Trucks joined Phish for a set during Benefit concert for Vermont/NY’s Flood relief ( Lazy Summer Home joined Alvie’s 17th Pig Roast Party! We didn’t raise the same amount of money and we didn’t have a fellow rock star join us. We did, however, have an amazing show with a ton of Dead tunes, as requested.

The band was asked to do the show last year, but were in between keys players, or someone was out of town? In fact, a little LSH trivia: 8.26.2022 was the first time I played with the band. That was at the Grateful Gnome and I was the third guitarist. A year later, we’ve played over a dozen shows together and we’re really nailing down some hot music. The musical highlight of this show was the debut of Terrapin Station. The true highlight was being invited to play in front of such good people. I hope we continue to attract that vibe for years to come.

The pig roast was an awesome time! A great group of people, all very welcoming. People playing beer pong, having a few beers… lil kids running around and playing everywhere. It reminded most of us of those outdoor cookouts we all had as kids sans the burnt charcoal taste. In between sets, Jack led a dozen or so little ones and a few moms with the Macarena. You can tell he substitute teaches, lol. He was a natural with the kids and he’s always wholesome a individual.

As far as the music, we played mostly Grateful Dead songs, sprinkling a few other things. Our friend, Elroy, came to see us play, but ended up saving the day as our sound man. Thank you so much Elroy, safe travels back to Georgia! It was a little difficult to hear each other, particularly Taner and I could barely hear one another, but the lack of monitors really helped hone our awareness. The third set was my favorite. I’ll list them here, but as we don’t write our sets down ahead of time, I may miss a song or two. We don’t have an yet… would be an epic goal, but is certainly a fine example.

HUGE Thank you to Alvie, his Lady, and Mikey for the warm welcome! They’ve never had the same band play two years in a row, but maybe if we’re lucky, they’ll change their mind.

Set 1: Old Home Place (Sound check)Bertha, Bird Song, Jack Straw, They Love Each Other, Big River, Acid Squirrel, Me and My Uncle

Set 2: The Lemon Song, Viola Lee Blues, Shakedown Street, West LA Fade Away, Scarlet Begonias -> Ocelot, Eyes of the World,

Set 3: Althea, Terrapin Station, In my Life, Rose are Free, Loving Cup,

After the Cops Came Encore: Halley’s Comet, Crosseyed and Painless

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