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Lazy Summer Home

An Original Colorado Jam Band

LSH is an original Colorado jam band that explores many genres. Recent accolades include performing at Sunnyside Music Fest and opening for Melvin Seals & JGB. Influences range from Waylon Jennings, Rolling Stones, Talking Heads, Led Zeppelin, and Phish. The band focuses on challenging the improvisational jam through the unique connections they have as friends and fellow musicians. They're not afraid to challenge keys with chromaticism and love telling good stories. You'll find them roaming the Rockies throughout the year with a home-base in Denver.

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From Sunnyside Music Festival to Melvin Seals & JGB 

What a year and a half Lazy Summer Home has had! In 2023, I had no idea that deciding to take on the keys, just to play in this band with good friends and great musicians would turn out to be one of the best musical decisions I’ve made in a long time (if not ever). We’ve added over 70 songs to our repertoire… incorporated truly unique originals compared to our rivals… performed at the Sunnyside Music Fest, played Albie’s 17th Annual Pig Roast (complete with a police visit while debuting Terrapin…

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