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LSH is a Colorado band that falls under many genres with influences from Waylon Jennings, to Talking Heads, to Phish and the Grateful Dead. The band focuses on challenging the improvisational jam through the unique connections they have as friends and fellow musicians. They're not afraid to challenge keys with chromaticism and love telling good stories. You'll find them roaming the Rockies throughout the year with a home-base in Denver.

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Alvie’s 17th Annual Pig Roast 8.26.23 

“The true highlight was being invited to play in front of such good people. I hope we continue to attract that vibe for years to come.”

On the same night Derek Trucks joined Phish for a set during Benefit concert for Vermont/NY’s Flood relief (https://cbs6albany.com/news/local/phish-concert-aims-to-raise-3-million-for-flood-victims-in-vermont-and-upstate-new-york) Lazy Summer Home joined Alvie’s 17th Pig Roast Party! We didn’t raise the same amount of money and we didn’t have a fellow rock star join…

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The Taco Tapes Fairplay, Colorado 8.19.23 

No pressure, no crowds,

no owners counting heads and bar sales.

Just friends and instruments…

that’s what the Taco Tapes represent.

Ever since Led Zeppelin III. Ever since Eddie and the Cruisers II ‘Eddie Lives.’ Ever since I could play an instrument well enough to show people. I’m not sure when it developed, but I had a lifelong dream of taking my band and finding a cabin in the mountains to play music and record it. There is really something special about getting away from all of the

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So Many Roads Brewery and Grateful Dead Museum, July 14th 2023 

After many three hour gigs on Thursday night for Jay and his So Many Roads Brewery, we were finally asked to play a Friday night. This wasn’t any ole Friday either. The popular Dead cover band, Shakedown Street, was starting the show off with a couple of sets during a benefit at the venue. Shakedown has a true Dead feel to them. Each member of the band, does a fine job and I need to see them more, learn more about these guys. the rhythm guitar sounds just like Bobby Weir – not the Dead and Co. Bobby, but…

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The Taco Tapes

Lazy Summer Home

Experience Lazy Summer Home in a rare acoustic session on an outdoor patio in FairPlay, Colorado. Favorite songs, some never played as a group; outdoor sounds of the wind, the birds, and the conversations of friends are all captured in this chill summer experience. Notable tracks are Rubin & Cherise, Bird Song, & Cities.

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