May 27th – Performing for the Wounded Warrior Project

It’s has been a short while since the last LSH blog post, I apologize. But, similar to the many things we all do and love, time is stolen from me on various other segments of life. And although I love logging the story of this band, at this time, it’s all pro bono.

Well here is what we have going on…

On Memorial Day 2024, Lazy Summer Home was given the honor of performing for a Wounded Warrior Project fundraiser. This private event was hosted by Andrea in the Arvada/Wheat Ridge area and the weather was perfect. This is Andrea’s 6th annual event and raised $1283 toward the Project! The Grateful Dead cover band, Built to Last, was originally calledfor the gig, but couldn’t take it. Being a great band and good friends, we were suggested as a suitable replacement. LSH Guitarist, Ryan Dillow, has often stood in for Built to Last whenever one of their guitarists can’t make a gig. Dillow has been an improvisational guitarist from the inception of his musical career and has the ability to step in with ease. He’s played with many bands and forged many good friendships in the process. It’s a pretty special thing to say that many of our gigs happen because of the connections and friendships we make along the ride. Thanks Dillow, for being a great guy, and thank you Built to Last! We had so much fun.

As I mentioned, Built to Last was Andrea’s original target to perform for this fundraiser, therefore, we wanted to adjust our music a hair to appease a more than likely Deadhead full crowd. As most of you know, LSH began as a Dead cover band, themselves and we have not forgotten our roots. We had an epic two sets of music, 3 hours worth, 90 % Dead songs, and a few other of our fan favorite songs from our own catalog.

A few highlights on this day:


James the Drummer hammers it hard! We performed our second show with James as our full-time drummer! Our first show with him was back in January, so over the past months, we have been tightening our musical bond and hitting rehearsal sections hard. James has a true rock style to his drumming. He has solidly laid down the foundation of our improvisational journeys. James holds a steady, yet driving rhythm that opens up a trust between the band and opens up all of our creativity. I’m really looking forward to seeing this band in a year’s time with James on the drum throne.

The secret band member is exposed. We’ve had a secret member of lazy Summer Home in the band pretty much since its inception. Another that goes by the name of James. He has played with us on Sunday jams that we call Snurch (Snail Church) and primarily plays bass, but he also stepped up and began doing sound for us occasionally. The highlight here is to honorably mention that the sound for this show was provided by James and was truly dialed in. As a small band, when playing these local events, it is quite a feat to provide our own sound and have it sound really good. James accomplished just that, and without him we wouldn’t have had a great sound. With good sound, comes great confidence. Thank you James!

The Wounded Warrior project show was pretty special to me, because on such a day as Memorial Day, it’s an honorable gesture to raise money to help those in our military that have been injured. A Wounded Warrior suffers from so many injuries, physical and mental. On this day, to get to live some of our dreams of performing music, while at the same time getting to perform in the name of a great cause, make it all so much more of an unforgettable moment. Thank you, Andrea!

Set list is below, and our next gig is at Beyond the Mountain Brewery in Boulder on June 8th from 5-8pm.


Set 1: US Blues, Althea, Big River, Catfish John, Scarlet Begonias -> Rubin and Cherise, Halley’s Comet, They Love Each Other, Viola Lee, Jack Straw

Set 2: Shakedown Street -> Also Sprach Zarathrusta, The Lemon Song, Mama Tried, Bird Song, West LA Fadeaway, Me & My Uncle, Eyes of the World, Going Down the Road Feeling Bad -> Not Fade Away, Terrapin Station, Back on the Train

Encore: Roses are Free, Gam Gam, (Fires it up), Let it Rain

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